Volunteer Opportunities

Flatley Discovery Lab remains steadfastly dedicated to improving the lives of people living with cystic fibrosis. Flatley Discovery Lab is our collective chance to make a difference, and not just a small one. We exist to improve people’s lives and the value of healthcare. Our goal is to create patient value by accelerating development of new treatments for CF. We are focused on discovering small molecules that help restore CFTR protein and have multiple opportunities to join our team of scientists and researchers in Charlestown, MA.

Basic Requirements

We will consider candidates from recent biology or chemistry college graduates to retired professionals, or interns or students in their final year of an undergraduate degree program (pre-med, pharmacology, structural biochemistry).

Data Mining and In silico Research

Join literature, data mining and in silico researchers and become part of thein-silico team that searches for novel compounds from literature, subscriber tools, structural and computational protein modeling or just hunches. We welcome all scientific backgrounds and levels of education. This is a creative yet serious learning environment for trading ideas and even hunches. All team members choose their own compounds and receive feedback from senior scientists and then have them made with the help of one of our chemists. You can then present your case to the group to have your compounds are tested in our electrophysiology, and/or molecular biology lab. We currently have multiple compounds in development from Pre-Ind to Phase 2.

Gain Laboratory Experience

Need to gain practical laboratory experience? We have positions in cell culture, high-throughput screening, protein purification, standard lab techniques, such as Western blots, PCR cloning, site directed mutagenesis, cell transfection, siRNA knockdowns and cell based assays, cell/molecular biology and protein biochemistry.  In multiple cases our laboratory volunteers have transitioned to full time FDL employees.


We are open 8am – 5PM, and you are allowed to make your own flexible times. We will pay for out of pocket travel expenses within reason and we provide soda and snacks and sometimes pizza. Volunteer positions provide selected candidates with an introduction to some of the practical aspects and creative methodologies associated with the drug discovery process. Candidates must have a minimum of a BS in biology or chemistry or experience in related fields. Minimum 1 year experience preferred.


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