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Research Associate-Electrophysiology

FDL is searching for a highly motivated and talented Research Associate to join our Electrophysiology team.  The candidate will be responsible for conducting experiments that measure the ability of test compounds to restore function of the most common CFTR mutant, F508del.

Associate Director/Director of Medicinal Chemistry

FDL is searching for a highly motivated and independent medicinal chemistry leader for the role of Associate Director/Director of Medicinal Chemistry. The desired applicant should have demonstrated experience in advancing compounds from hit ID through development candidate selection. The candidate must possess a strong understanding of molecular properties and DMPK concepts with a track record of innovation and creative problem solving. Excellent written and oral communication skills are required, as is the ability to manage and execute medicinal chemistry strategies at various CRO’s.


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Here at Flatley Discovery Lab, we have many different ways that you can help out in the CF community. This can be from volunteering your time to help out to certain donations that will help us achieve our goals. These do not need to be monetary.

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